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  • Recent Work

    Logo Design

  • Mary Lupien for City Council

    This was a really interesting website for me to work on! It is built using NationBuilder.com, which is software for people who are running for public office. Mary Lupien’s website content already existed, it just needed to be re-organized, and re-designed.

    As a graphic designer, I am also able to offer graphics to accompany websites. For example, in addition to building the website, I created the banner images that accompany the homepage and subpages. You can see above how I manipulated an image, and created a banner from the image she gave me.

    Mary Lupien was super amazing to work with, and such an inspiration to me. I loved working on a project for a strong female leader, who is trying her best to make a positive change in our community. Check out her website, www.marylupien.com.

    In case you wanted to know more about NationBuilder software: The software her site was powered by, Nation Builder, allows for lots of easy HTML & CSS changes to the themes themselves, as well as direct changes to the html/php and javascript pages, with the option to revert back to a previous save, or the default version. It also provided a little notification next to the files you had already edited for easy troubleshooting. If this doesn’t mean a lot to you, that’s ok, but what it means to me is that a person who is running for public office, who is already paying for this super powerful software, also has the ability to have a modern, beautiful and highly-customizable, mobile-friendly website. It comes with it’s own plugins, tracking functions, financial analysis, etc., but the website design part of it couldn’t have been more awesome.. I have worked within many types of software, so I was confident I would be able to figure out this one, I just didn’t expect to love it so much.

  • EAP Workforce Solutions

    I am excited to announce the launch of my newest website for EAP Workforce Solutions, www.eapworkforcesolutions.com. Some clients have an idea of what they’re looking for an their new site, and others want to leave the design aspect to me. In this case, the client had a very clear vision of how she wanted her site to look, and we worked together to bring her dream to life. This is an example of my basic website package. Contact me to learn more!

  • Gallery Salon – GalleryHair.com

    Responsive and mobile-friendly website designed by Rebecca Natalie Fien.

  • Roc Reiki Revolution – Logo

    Logo design by Rebecca Natalie Fien.

  • Children’s Counseling Center

    Responsive website designed by Rebecca Natalie Fien.

  • Colonial Fire Protection Systems

    Responsive website designed by Rebecca Natalie Fien.

  • Marshall Street Bar and Grill

    Responsive website design by Rebecca Natalie Fien.

  • Creativ Framing & Design

    Responsive website designed by Rebecca Natalie Fien.

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